Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lets have a party!

Hello and happy weekend. Today I am sharing with you my latest creation using one of the new rubber stamps that have been released by SCACD. This stamp is Party Lights Border.

I made what I would consider a small party invitation. This was a fun image to color, but it was difficult for me to figure out how to get it to look the way I wanted it to. But once I did, I LOVE the way it turned out.

First I stamped the image twice. Once for the background and once to fussy cut. I used my copic airbrush to color the background image with dark blue and light yellow for the glow. On the second image I colored all the light bulbs. I then did the hardest part of cutting out all of the light bulbs. I ran them through my little Xyron X thingie, and then stuck them on top of the background image.

Once that was done, I added clear sparkles to the bulbs themselves and then gold dots on the rest of the chains hanging.  I cut the image out and glued it down on gold sparkly paper. Then I gut out the wings out of the same sparkly paper using the Steampunk Wings Pair Die. I also ran this through my xyron to get the wings sticky, and then attached to the sides of the stamped image. For this I ran the top part behind the image and the bottom of the wing in front of the image. I then stuck the entire thing down on dark blue paper.

It looked good, then I messed it up and tried to write with my stickles. EPIC FAIL. So I decided to cut out the entire thing and then place it on a small folded card piece to make it a smaller card. The inside can now read anything I want, and it really frames the image. I love it more than the original idea!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sketch Wednesday -Bombshell Time

Hi guys - it is time for a Bombshell Challenge - this time I am on time. I am here today to present you with the Bombshell August Sketch Challenge.

I used Growing Hearts image and sentiment for this piece. Just so you know - this is a REALLY BIG Tag - like abnormally large. I colored the image and then to make it fit, the tag had to be obscene. Just saying. 

I colored with purple the head dress. V15, 17, 09. The reds are R12, 14, 17, 29 and the greens are G12, 14, 16. The yellows Y11, 15, 19. The final section is the white skin. If you don't color anything then it looks just unfinished, so I used BV0000, 000 to finish the skin and give it dimension and actual lifelike quality - even if it is portraying death. :-)

Ok - Apparently I am VERY TIRED>... lol. So I hope you enjoyed my sketch and my ramblings. I hope you join Bombshell for the sketch challenge. and our other challenges this month!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lucy in the sky

Hi all. I hope you are having a wonderful week. I had an awesome weekend. Got a new car, my youngest daughter passed her permit test and will NOT be allowed to drive my new car, and I was able to be pretty crafty.  One of my projects was to color Faith from the Zen Beauties collection.   I think I should actually call her Lucy. I saw that movie to this weekend. It was BlackWidow meets the Discovery Channel.

And this pose reminds me of Lucy from the movie at times. Well when she wasn't kicking rear and blood all over the place. I mixed the brown and blue together and added a bit of green. I made her skin the lightest I could to give her a bit of an ethereal look. Once done, I added a bit of the bronze dots. It is not very easy to see here, but there are some dots coming off of her feet and it looks like she is blowing some sparkles. This gave it a bit of movement.

One trick I wanted to share with you all is the curly cues at the shoes, wings and hair. If you want to fussy cut something with trailers and curlies, cut them off. You can't get them to cut. I promise you. What I did here was to stamp the image a second time on the patterned paper. I did this with versafine as I wasn't going to color it. Once done I clear embossed it. I fussy cut out the image, and then taped it down over the second stamped image with the curlies. That way you can get all the detail of the image but not be limited to the white background or a background to color.

I hope you all have a great week and keep coming back to check out the inspiration that the design team has for you.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ghouls Only

Hey all. Well, things have been crazy (What else is new), so I wasn't able to get this project done for Wednesday when Ms. August from Bombshell set her challenge of an Easel Card. But Better late than never right?

I have used Bombshell Angel and dressed her up in this lovely witches outfit from the Halloween Costume digi set

I have colored witchypoo with purple, orange and green copics. Yeah - I am whacked. LOL. The greens are YG13, 17 and 25. The Purples are V91,93,95,99 and the oranges are YR23, 27 and 16. (I had to look at those - cuz I NEVER use them. LOL). The skin is E50, 51, 53. 

Once I was done, I cut her out and edged her with the copic black marker so when I poppped her u p with black pop dots, you don't see a black edge. For the layout I used the sketch from Sketch Saturday 322 (Which I am entering this into).
The sentiment came with the Digi set as well. The ribbon was from my stash and the paper - one of them is from an Authentique paper pad and the striped one - Sorry - - I don't know it is from my stash of 6 x 6 paper, so I don't remember it. 

I hope you all are having a great weekend. Have a wonderful week - see you soon!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Serenity - It's not just a dog or a ship!

Hi All... this beauty full of zen is Serenity.

She is one of the new Zen Beauties and is actually a very calming image. I colored her with my Copics. My favorite is the blue against the pink petals of the flowers. Really love the pretty flowers on this image. They are so beautiful and dainty.

She is embellished with all sorts of silver dewdrops.

Colors used include: B60, 63, 66, 69, YG61, 63, 67, YR000,00,E11, RV81, 83, 85 and E70, 71, 74.  The background is BV00 and BV01. I tried to make it a bit darker on the edges, and lighter near the lovely Serenity.

So, to talk to the post title... Our dog is named partially after the Firefly class ship Serenity with the name Snickerdoodle Serenity. She looks like a snickerdoodle as she is a Cavalier King Charles.  We also have another one (He just turned 1 a couple of days ago) and his name is Malcolms Chaos Theory after Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly / Serenity and since we had a Serenity we needed a Chaos.... and the final is the Jurassic Park tie in with Ian Malcolm and his famous Chaos Theory. So now I have explained my title.

Come on weekend and crafty time!!!!

Have a great one guys!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stars and Stripes are Hopping today

Howdy All! It is time for the Bombshell Blog Hop and it is Stars and Stripes time!  You should have arrived from the Kompletely Kool site of Kim! If not, then why not start at the beginning over at the Bombshell Blog?  I went for a bit of a retro feel with my stars. 

I used stars from Bucking Bronco stamps and the Happy Birthday from the Banner Sayings stamp set. 

I picked the lime green and turquoise colors along with brown to make it a bit of a 70's wallpaper feel. (BG000,01, 02, 07; YG01,03, 05, 07, E37, 39). I colored each star and then I cut them out and went around the edge with my black Copic. This allows me to raise it and you not to see the edges as white. I added some sparkly twine for the stars to dangle and popped up bot the stars and the banner. I finished it up with the stripes from my stars and stripes. I think this works for a masculine birthday card. :-)

OK. so hop away - - check out the rest of the hop starting with Angie! and have a great rest of the week. The compete list is below!

Bombshell Blog:


Monday, July 28, 2014

Blog Hop with a Difference - spreading the Creative Love

So my blog buddy (and sometimes taskmistress) Kathi has asked me to participate in this progressive blog hop. Basically, she "tagged" me last week, along with 2 other ladies. She was tagged the week before along with two other blogs, etc. etc. blah blah blah. I will be tagging three people below to post next Monday, and continue on. This helps us introduce people to other blogs and honor those of us who are inspirations. We are spreading the creative process.

Kathi is a great inspiration because she colors so many different types of images. She is the dominatrix of the Bombshell Team, and I also serve with her on the SCACD stamp team. I also love to read her blogs... I learn so much and she gives such good "instructions" on how she created her different projects!

First off - I am supposed to chat about myself and answer some questions:

1. What am I working on?

Hmmmmm.... well I am behind - LIKE REALLY behind. I have been travelling and getting my eldest daughter settled in her new apartment with her new job out of college (WHOOP WHOOP one child living as an adult), dealing with family emergencies, and also travelling a lot for work.  

I tend to do one project at a time. I just don't finish all of them LOL. I have some cross stitch projects I have been working on for well..... 24 years. SIGH. Right now I have a blog hop project coming up for Bombshell, more projects for SCACD and I have some new stamps in and a project I want to work on for this weekend for my brothers birthday (SHhhhhhh). 

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is a good question. My style is usually very balanced. I struggle with balancing with different elements, but I am REALLY good at ensuring that the cards are very symmetrical. LOL. I think I also am a bit of a Geeky person, and I like to do quirky sentiments, and dorky statements about my cards. I also love to use songs and movie quotes  (usually sci-fi) for my sentiments... just usually very silly ones. :-). So my work differs because I Am dorky. :-)

3. Why do I create what I do?

I color. Mainly because it gives me something to de-stress with. I have had my boss tell me to take some time and color at night LOL. Gee - I wonder if I was stressed out those days. I have about 200 cards in a basket - cuz I Never send them. I am also really bad sometimes about missing peoples birthdays, etc... because I forget to make a special card. I just make them. SIGH. 

I love to color, always have - Crayons when I was little - the tube huge pages when I was a kid that had like 8 markers with it. :-) I took my first Copic class and I WAS HOOKED. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek. LOVE THEM. I associate everything with copic colors, and I Have considered trying to create my own colors when they haven't matched exactly. (I am a bit afraid of what muddy colors I would make). 

4. How does my creative process work?

HAHAHAHA.... ok. I don't think I have a process. It is usually more random dumb luck. A lot of people start with a sketch or a theme, or in many cases a specific paper. I usually start with - what Image do I want to color today. And then I choose my colors. Then I am screwed because I have to find design paper or themes or sketches that work with that image. UGH. Yeah - I use a lot of plain cardstock because do you know how freaking hard it is to match paper AFTER you have colored. LOL. 

I wanted to produce a card specifically for this hop, and for that I used the SCACD new release  image Hope.  I wanted to make her FANTASTICLY vivid... so I used some really basic shades of red blue and green copics (B2x, R2x, YG2x). AS an example of my randomness... I had chosen different paper, and when I was done, the colors didn't match... so I had to go dig through my paper and find something else. WHEW.... lucky me I found these that are close. :-)

I also wanted to add some stuff and I went a bit nutso with the gold dots that I placed on her wings, her armbands, her legbands, her outfit, her hair, her face....etc. etc. etc... you can see those a bit better down below. 

I have chosen three people to "tag" who I have known and respect for their artistic abilities. I hope they will share with you next week a little more about themselves. I met all of these for a start on the Bombshell Team, but I am very happy to call them a blogland friend (and I may have even met one of them in real life). So here - in no particular order...

Cheryl - Ok... she is my copic heroine - seriously. I LOVE how Cheryl colors. I have studied her stuff for hours just wanting to color half as well as she does. And she has been on so many wonderful design teams and shared her work with everyone for so many years.  And now she is torturing me with baking on Facebook. ACK. We also discovered that we grew up about an hour from each other, which lets us bond about some of our food love too. Cheryl publishes her work on the Ink Trap and I will visit her frequently when I am struggling with my coloring on a particular image. 

Alison - I so love to visit Alison's blog (21st Century Pillow Book) because it is DIFFERENT.  She uses images that are at turns wild and crazy or cute and sweet, but always has them being used with a twist. She is always about vibrancy and fun and happy even when the images are dark and dreary. She also posts a lot about food on her Facebook (hmmmm can you see a trend forming?). Alison is one of the most creative people I have ever met. I always look at her projects and drool and wish I could be so open and free with my creativity. She is who I watch to try to expand my horizons on how I can try new things.

Katie - Glittery Katie to be exact. Katie has been delightful to get to know, and I even got to meet her when I went on a business trip to Oxford England. YIPPEE.... it was so much fun and so cool. But one of the reasons I chose Katie was not because of her card work... or her scrapbook work (which are really great). See... it is her Amigurumi (is that how you spell it)stuff that is what has inspired me to start to learn to crochet. (I am still on my first thing of yarn and just learning how to make stitches that are even.) Katie however has made some REALLY cool stuff that I hope she will share on her blog more. Glittery Katie's blog is here

This was really fun, and thank you for stopping by and reading all about me. I really hope to see you again soon. 

Here are some oldies but goodies of my favorite projects: