Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Purple Poinsettia

So I really adore this new Poinsettia digi image. It is so beautiful.

I initially intended for it to be white, but it came across as more purple. But I love the wintry look of the cool blues.  The leaves were done with flicks in and out from both the center and the edges of the leaves. YG61, 63, 67 makes up the majority of the leaves, but G99 is also used for the deeper shadows.   B60, 63, 66, 69 are poinsettias themselves.  I used a gold pen to add the centers, and then to dot around the image to make it a bit more festive.

It needed a simple sentiment, and I used the Happy Holidays sentiment from the digital image of its namesake "Happy Holidays". :-)

My art journaling experiment... UH.... Not sure. I got a little nutso with the copic and the airbrush system. It might be a good background page for something about my nutso brain... or ADD or regurgitation of color. Hmmmmmm

See you all again soon,


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Faith that I will eventually understand Art Journaling!

Hi Guys - I have been doing a LOT of coloring lately. Just coloring, practicing, having fun.
One of the recent images I have colored was Faith.

I love trying to merge colors. The BlueViolet and the Blue merging together on the wings makes me happy Happy! :-).

I haven't done anything with her yet - other than put her in a journal. I do not know what I will be doing on that journal page, Because this whole "art journaling" is confusing to me. As of now I have two pages. One with a Phoenix on a scrapbook page  with red sparklies on either side... with NOTHING on it. The second is the white page with just Faith on it. Nothing else.

I think the concept of "journal" is what has escaped me. Writing down thoughts, etc.... My thoughts are more like work - oooo song - -  work - -  Hi Honey - have we won the lottery? No dangit! - - work - doodle (drawing) - Doodle (my puppy) - Mal (my other puppy), ooooo whats for dinner.... Oh my daughter looks so pretty and is doing good in school - - oh my other pretty daughter is employed YAY!  Nothing profound enough that in my mind it should be placed on paper. HA.  Until then I will forge ahead with putting whatever random images I feel like doing in my journal. We will see whatever happens. Maybe one day I will have something around it. :-)

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Far East on a Box!

Hi all, This is the second side of my mixed media box post. You can see my first one here. My second part is a bit different than I intended.... I initially was going to do each one of the elements on each side of the box, but I had a slight change when I picked my next image to color. The Far East called to me, and I had to use her on the box.

I colored her with my copics, and then cut out the gorgeous image. This is such a very pretty image and a lot of fun to color, because there are so many different elements in it. It is also a great image to practice coloring hair on. It has some waves, and straight sections and curls.

After I cur her out I stuck her to the red cardstock, and then placed that on the black and white polka dot paper. This was all mod-podged to the box. I added white pearls around the red cardstock image and the edge of the box as well. And then added these adorable charms that mimic the flowers in her hair.

This was colored After I finished the Skin and Hair class over at Kit and Clowder. I used a color combination she used during one of the lessons, and love how it turned out. The Warm Greys with the B24 for her hair was awesome.

Not sure when I will do the "next side", but I will be sure to share it here when I do. I hope you are having a great weekend, and have an awesome week!!!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Here it comes!!!!!

Yep - It is THAT time again  - to start up my Holiday cards. I have used the Mirabelle Pursuit of Happiness Stamps to create two different cards.

The first card I wanted an alternative color feel to it, so went with the pink and blue. I used the RV52, 55, 66 for the pink, and the B2x series for the blues.  Once I was done, I added on some little pink crystals and the white ribbon flowers. 

For the second card I went with traditional holiday colors Green and red - G1x series, and R1x series with a little of the R29 and G28 thrown in. 

I love taking everyday stamps and making them meet special occasion criteria. Almost all stamps can be used in unusual ways to make the meet the situation.  I think these were perfect for winter with the wonderful hats and opportunity for sparklies.  The snowflakes on this one are little buttons that I clipped the backs off of. 

Now I need a little bit more of the Christmas spirit to get my cardmaking groove on!

Have a great rest of the week and COME ON weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SCACD Digi-Day

Today the sweet Friends of SCACD  group and the SCACD Design Team are showcasing Fall images - even some with a twist. If you want to see all the peeps presenting their inspirations today not to mention a shot at some yummy blog candy and Susana's offering a sweet FREE digi image thru October 5, then head to the SCACD Store Blog for details.

So, this lovely lady is not necessarily a "fall" piece, but it is my take on twisting the image - Gathering Love. 

I love taking "normal" images, and coloring them and then associating them with a saying that would not normally be seen with it.  For Gathering Love I imagined the flowers as creeping black roses  - bleeding hearts. I wanted to try a dip dye technique on the hair going from the red to the black. 

After coloring her and adding the bleeding drops from the flowers, and her blood tears, I went looking for inspirational quotes. When I think of classy ladies with inspirational quotes I think of Morticia Addams. :-) This is a quote from one of the movies. 

I am not making a card out of this, but I use a lot of colored images in different ways to keep stuff with me at work. So I am going to be putting this on a work notebook. :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful day. And be inspired by different things and put a twist on an image of your own!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Glitter me polka dots

Hi there guys. Here is my take on this months Ms. September Bombshell Challenge which is polka dots and Glitter - SO MUCH GLITTER. (Yes I LOVE that Target commercial. LOVE).

My take on this was made with the beautiful Peek a Boo Geisha.  I put her on polka dot paper  after coloring her and cutting her out. I then added with gold stickles the additional polka dots on the umbrella. This adds the glitter to the polka dots. :-)

I added some lovely embellishments after putting the card together to match the golden colors. Little tea cup with my take on a tea leaf (lol) and flying bird.

I hope you have a great weekend and Gig Em Aggies and GO Duke!!!! Whoop!!!!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cyber Chic Chick

Hey all.... I have been really working on different hair and skin combos lately - taking the skin and hair class over at Kit and Clowder, and trying to improve my coloring capabilities. Cyber Chic is a perfect image for those that want to play with different colors of hair and skin.

Her skin is YG67, 63, 61, G40 and her hair is BV08, 13, 02, 00. I used cool greys for the silver, and Y11, 26 for the gold of her eyes and the tubes. Once done I used Gold metallic pens to go over some of the hoops and metal, and make the dots. The background is B12. I matted it on simple black cardstock, and then I have it on a small box that I am going to decorate on all four sides. The box is cardboard color, but I used metallic lustre on the edges to give it a silver look.  I may try to do this same thing with Metallic gelatos. I think that would be awesome fun.

I encourage you to grab an image and play with some wonderful skin colors and hair that are out of the norm, and see if you can end up with something unique and wonderful to add to your collection!!!

Have a  great week, and I hope to see you again soon.