Monday, April 6, 2015

Lotus Anything Card

Hi guys!!! I'm Back!

and I actually made another card. WHOOOOOOP... It has been a long while because things have been nutso. But This little beauty was a great image to practice with and adding the dots was a fun twist.   This Large Lotus was stamped with Memento. I colored it with only three markers - the BV17, BV13 and BV11. I then used a white pen to make the little white dots, and a gold pen to outline the stamen. 

I wanted to keep this simple, and I think this is perfect for an "anything" card. It works for thank yous and birthdays and how are yous, etc... I like these as you can add a sentiment at a later date. 

I hope you all have an awesome week this week. And practice your craft - whatever your craft might be.

I hope to see you again soon! TA!


Friday, April 3, 2015


So, I am off today and making a boatload of cake balls for fun. But before I get going I wanted to share my creation using the SCACD Brave Hearts collection young lady called Be Fearless.

She is resplendent in greens and pinks (and a little orange,... but I hate admitting that it worked here). for the skateboard I used the same technique as I did for hair to make the woodgrain. It worked out really well all that flicking here and there.

I really think she is so sweet... but honestly the thought of skateboarding scares the crazy out of me. And I have a LOT of crazy in me. LOL... So saying be Fearless is so right here.

So off to the kitchen to fearlessly make cake balls. :-)

Have a great weekend all!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

I'm a Bee-liever

I colored it this time in yellow, but I think I am going to green hornet it next time. :-)

I would have colored it all sheer wings, but it takes full metal wings to hold up all that metal!!!!

The sentiment I printed out to go with the card.

The yellows are Y11, 21, 23, 26.  I used Cool greys C5, 3, 1 and a little E04 in some places for the grey. For the wings I used BV11, YG10, and BG01.  The final touches were stardust gel pen to make it a bit sparkly which you can't really see here very well. Honestly though - this is one of my favorite favorite things... that pen is awesome!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You are Unique - Just like Everybody Else

Hi there and Happy Tuesday! It is WAY WAY early for me, since I have already driven my husband to the airport, and come back and played with the puppies, and and and... Usually I am not even out of bed at this time, and I am sitting here already ready to go to work. WEIRD. And after all that - husbands flight delayed, so I could have stayed in bed! In fact, as I was typing this, my normal alarm went off. Grrrr... let's change the greeting to Happy Monday 2. 

This is one of the new lovely ladies from SCACD in the Brave Hearts Collection. She is called You-nique. I LOVE her little hat. I immediately wanted her in teals and purples. I think because I thought of Sully from Monsters Inc with her hat.  I put the card together with all the pretty leaves, and then thought Um... I have googly eyes. I will add those near the sentiments. To me it makes it Unique. LOL. 

Blues are BG09, 05, 01, BG78. The purples are the V17, 15, 12, 09. 

I should have another card to share later this week.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Be Yourself

This is the second card I have made with the new Brave Hearts Collection from SCACD. She is called Be Yourself, and she reminds me of both of my daughters. The eldest who won't EVER remove her freaking hats!!!! and the youngest with her propensity to put her hair up in braids of late. 

I chose the colors of purple and black because I think that they are spectacular together, and it is rare to use them any other time than Halloween. :-) Although I wear them all the time... hmmmmmmmmm.

The purples are the V09, V04, V01 and the Blacks are the cool greys. The background die cut was colored with the same copics using the airbrush and a random pattern while the image was still in the die. This gave the white edge around it. As a trick, if you do this and some of the part you wanted white is covered you can use a white marker and go over that to leave it all pretty again. :-)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. We are heading out to winter guard competitions. WHOOP. 

See you again soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


SCACD is celebrating the 2 recently released NEW exclusive rubber stamp sets. They are the Brave Hearts (a group of 4 empowered gals) as well as Eclectic Collection 2 (a combination of 6 steampunk and ethereal stamps). With the Eclectic 2 collection if you buy the entire set you get 4 FREE date stamp words! 

SCACD Artist Carmen Medlin and Susana collaborated on the images and we are so happy to be showcasing them to you now!

First up here is Be-You! Isn't she adorable!!!!!  I especially love her cute little shirt and Button cap!!!!! I chose the colors based on this LOVELY Authentique paper pad, and went to town. 

The second stamp I want to show off today is from the Eclectic 2 collection, and called Butterfly Chrysalis - Change.

For this one I wanted to kind of show before and after, so I added the Steampunk Wing Set Die cutout behind it and blinged it up. 

All the new stamps are available for purchase in the USA HERE .

Our International Friends can purchase SCACD rubber stamps at Quixotic Paperie HERE.

SCACD Digital images for USA and International can always be found HERE.

You should be going next to Cheryl's blog!!!! If you are lost then head back to the SCACD Store Blog HERE ( insert this link here ) for the hop list.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Crafty Weekend, Crafty Time

So, There has been much traveling, and much well LIFE going on. But this weekend I got to be all crafty like. In addition to making a SLEW of cards for SCACD - Which I will be sharing starting next Monday (hee hee)... I have been - coloring over the past weekend.

One of the items I colored was this lovely fairy from Saturated Canary. I have taken the Kit and Clowder classes on Skin and Hair and Clothing, so this was a big practice piece on the no-lines (ok very faint lines) technique. 

I really like how she turned out. But I think my favorite part - if you can see it on here is the pom poms on her shoe ties. They were a complete accident. I used the dotting technique with BV08, BV17, BV13, BV11. Then it was too dark... so I took the blender pen to try to dot lighten it... but alas I overfilled it, and it put a big BLOB of the colorless blender on there. Boom it made all the colors mix and mingle and spread out. :-)  I adore how it turned out. YAY.

Colors I used are:
Skin - E05, E11, E21, E00, E000, R20
Hair - 110, C9, C7, B24
Wings, Shoes, Bow - BV08, BV17, BV13, BV11, BV00
Dress - B99, 29, 26, 24, 21
Bag - E49, 39, 37, 35, 31

Ok. That is it for today. Hope to see you again back here soon.